Using Hence to find options is simple

Step 1

Define the Problem

Answer a few questions about the problem you are trying to solve.

hence step 1

Step 2

Send a Request

Send a secure request link to your networks and get replies back in a single place.

hence step 1

Step 3

Choose an Option

Select from data enriched replies from across your network.

hence step 1
Launch Step ONE

Hence empowers you to find options the way you always have, only better.

Start Searching

Some of the largest companies globally are using Hence to transform the way they work with experts, starting with their lawyers. But large companies aren’t the only ones in need of expertise. We all need expert help.

Most of us lean on our networks for options, but poorly. We reach out to a few people, try to manually combine responses with our own research, then choose the least worst option.

Hence changes this. With Hence you can securely ask for recommendations from across your networks and get options back in a single place, all improved through public information about those options using the same data enrichment techniques used for large companies.

Share requests securely

Share what you want with who you want and get a diversity of options from across your networks.

Get replies all in one place

No more digging through old messages to find responses from across your network.

Choose from data-enriched options

Hence enhances the options provided by your networks with public information about them.

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